Dental implants are a fantastic treatment option when you find yourself short a tooth or two. Teeth can be lost due to many reasons including trauma, cavities, infections and periodontal disease. The predictability and flexibility of this treatment option give you previously unavailable methods to restore a missing tooth (or teeth). You can rest easy knowing that the placement of your implant has been digitally planned and carefully coordinated long before you settle into the chair on the day of surgery. This virtual, preliminary groundwork ensures that the placement of the implant is quick, painless and extremely accurate. The implant itself is a threaded titanium fixture that integrates into your bone much like the root of a natural tooth would. In the simplest and most straightforward of cases, this anchor provides a secure attachment for a natural-looking and fully functional tooth. In some instances, an implant can be placed the same day your natural tooth is removed, condensing much of the treatment into a single visit. Implants can also be used to provide hidden retention for complete or partial dentures. Implants can be used to replace both front and back teeth, giving you a time-tested technique to address both cosmetic insufficiencies and functional concerns.