Endodontic Care

Root Canal Therapy 

Within the roots of your teeth, there are nerves that provide your tooth with necessary nutrients and sensitivity functions. When the roots and nerves of your teeth begin to become infected, the tooth itself loses the sensitivity and ability to receive those nutrients. Per the doctor’s recommendation, a root canal therapy can be performed to prevent further damage. In more severe cases, and if Dr. Wappett feels you would be best served by a specialist, he may refer you to a local endodontist for further treatment.

Ensuring the best care, a root canal therapy can be split between 1-2 appointments. During your first appointment, a pulpal debridement, the infected areas within the top of the root canal will be removed and a sedative medication will be temporarily applied to the area to help calm down infections from spreading. To hold the medication in place, a temporary filling will be added. At your following appointment, the remaining infection will be removed, filled, and a permanent restoration, typically a crown, will seal the material and reinforce structural integrity of the tooth.